The Get Busy Living Movement


The Get Busy Living movement embodies the notion that life is best when you are out experiencing and appreciating the nature, all the people, and plethora of beauty around us. The goal is to continue to promote good vibes and a positive out look on life, acting each day with love.

I designed 2 stickers and am donating all the profits to Transitions Mental Health Organization here in SLO. I wanted to help a local charity but knew mental health was a cause close to my heart. 1 out of 3 college students struggle with mental health issues and I knew that promoting the healthy treatment and decreasing the stigma would be something worthwhile, especially while in college and living in the college town of San Luis Obispo (SLO).

I've found that people love stickers and the movement has continued to gain momentum. My friend Matt Devine is helping me promote and get the movement out in the SLO community. I am hopeful that the continued positive response will allow this movement to grow bigger and bigger! Contact me if you're interested in purchasing a ticker for a good cause!